Commercial real estate market in Minsk and BNK Estate

Recently, the Belarusian government announced a reorientation of the economy, including the diversification of foreign markets and their expansion. The development of the state’s infrastructure and the expansion of the foreign market have greatly contributed to consumer demand for higher-quality entertainment and shopping destinations.

At the same time, a new growing trend in the economy affecting the service and entrepreneurial sectors is noticeable. All of this and more are contributing to the increased demand for commercial real estate in all of its forms. Fortunately, the real estate market is literally at a standstill, waiting for the right people to finally influence the level of demand so that it can qualitatively respond to their demands.

BNK Estate and the commercial market in Belarus

Abdo Romeo Abdo BNK Estate was founded in 2006 and has since been known for its high-quality commercial property services and comprehensive tenant assistance. Under the leadership of Abdo Romeo Abdo numerous Belarusian business projects were successfully created, which the company manages to this day.

Abdo came to Belarus from Lebanon in the early 1990s and immediately recognized the promising benefits of the commercial real estate sector in the country. This launched his illustrious career. To this day, his company BNK Estate is one of the leaders in Minsk.

Here are three areas the company specializes in:

  1. Comprehensive real estate development, as well as investments in real estate.
  2. Retail trade in real estate.
  3. Maintenance of commercial properties.

The range of services provided by the company includes both landscape design in the first stages and security surveillance in the final stages. Business centers built under the direction of BNK Estate are distinguished by:

  • Availability of advanced technologies and the latest engineering systems.
  • Quality control, beneficial in economic terms.
  • State-of-the-art design in both the interior and exterior of the facility.
  • Advantageous location.
  • State of the art equipment.
  • Respect for each client and commitment to long-term cooperation.

The following sections perfectly illustrate BNK Estate’s success in managing its facilities.

What is Silver Tower

The business center “Silver Tower”, which has been operating since 2009, can be considered the undoubted leader of the Belarusian commercial real estate market. In this business center a special role is played by a developed range of services, as well as very good conditions for office enterprises.

All this was made possible due to the responsive and attentive management of BNK Estate, who made sure that all the changes in the business center were smooth and timely. Thanks to this the offices of numerous local and foreign enterprises can feel safe and secure.

The management of Silver Tower takes great care to ensure that repairs are carried out in good time and that the quality of service for their employees is maintained, so it also provides a reliable Wi-Fi connection, numerous coffee and canteens, and a parking lot with 150 spaces.

State-of-the-art business center Rubin Plaza

Here, in one of the most successful business centers built by BNK Estate, there is everything necessary for safe and comfortable working conditions for each office employee. For example, here:

  1. Sound-absorbing elevators.
  2. comfortable lighting for eyes.
  3. The best equipment and technology to maintain cleanliness.
  4. Good parking right in the complex with 180 spaces.
  5. Free access to your workplace at any time of the day.
  6. Round-the-clock security of the premises.

Provides comfortable conditions here and the fact that the management of Rubin Plaza tries to keep everything in order and regularly performs maintenance and repairs of the building. Therefore, the tenants do not need to worry about their space.

It is very advantageous to locate the head office of the company here due to the geographical location of the business center, to which literally all roads lead.

About  one of the most interesting business center in Minsk

The secret to the success of this business center is its architectural design, which is distinguished by its elegance. Also, tenants are very tempted by the convenient location of the building and its maximally thought-out layout inside, which consists of eight floors. This is one of the buildings of BNK Estate, which also provides numerous services in the service sector, so that each office worker feels most comfortable and productive. Among the advantages here is an operational security system.

Considerable effort is made in the business center to regularly maintain cleanliness and compliance of the premises with all requirements and sanitary norms. Terrum’s policy is aimed at creating the most comfortable conditions, as evidenced by regular office cleaning and fiber optic computer networks stretching throughout the building.

The successful Galileo mall

Galileo is located in the heart of Minsk, so it attracts hundreds and even thousands of visitors every day. They can admire the beauty of the stores, interesting entertainment and taste the most delicious dishes in local restaurants. Since its opening, Galileo has received hundreds of well-deserved rave reviews from visitors and employees alike.

Be that as it may, the work to improve existing facilities and incorporate the latest technology at Galileo doesn’t stop today.

Here are some of the plans BNK Estate will implement in the near future:

  1. Fusion-food corner, which will pioneer exotic cuisine in Minsk. It will bring together homemade recipes, fast food, and a variety of delicacies from around the world. Inspired by the “edible” atmosphere, visitors will be able to sign up at any time for culinary master classes, which are located next to the food courts. It opens this March.
  2. An advanced avant-garde nouveau cinema that will incorporate cutting-edge technology such as Dolby Atmos. In fact, this cinema can rival the best cinemas in London, Dubai, Madrid and Hamburg in quality. Chapman Taylor-inspired interior design, high-quality speakers, Italian furniture and LED screens are all about the avant-garde cinema at Galileo Mall.
  3. A 2,500-square-foot “shop-in-shop” platform that will house all of the most successful and hopeful fashion designers and fashion designers.

Galileo was named the best shopping center in Minsk in 2015. This was made possible due to the exceptional quality of services provided. The building’s advantageous location and the availability of a covered parking lot for 500 cars also play an important role here.


In many respects in Belarus, the macroeconomic indicators as well as the level of human development have a special influence on the development of infrastructure and the domestic market. All this also affects the increase in demand for more high-tech, complex commercial buildings. The efforts of Abdo Romeo Abdo and his company BNK Estate are most successful in this area.

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